How to send money at any k kiosk, P&B and avec. location

How to send money from Switzerland in person at any k kiosk, P&B and avec.


1. Register

Register now and print out the registration form

Find a Location

2. Find a location

Find a k kiosk, P&B or avec. location near you

Prepare Agent Visit

3. Prepare for your agent visit

Bring the following information:

  • For all sends:
    • Your I.D.1 where applicable
    • Your recipient's full name matching their I.D. and their location
    • The amount you wish to send, plus fees 2
Complete Your Transaction icon

4. Complete your transaction

  • The merchant ensures to activate your personal MoneyGram customer card.
  • You'll receive a MoneyGram customer card with your unique card number.
  • Your agent enters the information into the system and a Receiver Number is created. (Note: keep this number for future transfers you send to the same person.)
Notify your recipient icon

5. Notify your recipient

Save your receipt and share the 8-digit reference number with your recipient for pick-up.  Funds sent to a bank account will be deposited directly into the account. 


1 Please note, when completing the transfer, the recipient's name on the form must exactly match the name on the ID he or she presents to pick up the transfer, for example, John D. Smith is NOT the same as John David Smith.

   You will need to provide personal identification, usually one or more of the following valid documents: passport, national identity card, Swiss driver's license, government-issued identification, valid Swiss residence permits (N-permits, please ask your MoneyGram Agent for the monthly maximum Receive Amount) or passport with valid visa for Switzerland for nationalities with visa requirements.

2 In addition to the transfer fees applicable to a transaction, a currency exchange rate set by MoneyGram or its agent will be applied. MoneyGram also makes money from currency exchange. Prices are subject to change.